Additive Masterbatches

Bagrecha Polymers – The Most Trusted Source for High-Performance Additive Masterbatches

At Bagrecha Polymers, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality additive masterbatches to enhance the performance of their plastic products. Our team of experts has extensive knowledge of the industry and is committed to delivering the best products and services. We are one of the most trusted additive masterbatch manufacturers for leading plastic processing companies in India and beyond.

Why Our Customers Choose US?

  • Quality –As the leading plastic masterbatch manufacturer, we use top-quality raw materials to produce masterbatches that provide consistent and reliable performance.
  • Customization – Our team of plastic masterbatch will work with you to develop a masterbatch solution that meets your specific requirements.
  • Experience – Being a pioneer masterbatch manufacturer in India, we have acquired the expertise and knowledge to supply the best solutions for your specific application.

We follow the goal and strategy to continue to develop custom solutions and technically perfect additive masterbatches for the plastic industry. Contact us now, Let us help you improve the performance of your plastic product; we have a range of products to satisfy the most demanding of clients from the plastic and polymer industry.

Our Additive Masterbatch offers clients a remarkable opportunity to enhance the performance of plastic products. There are different varieties of additive masterbatches and every type has some special properties for improving the quality of the end product. There are many advantages of using this masterbatch, it prevents degradation of plastic caused due to UV light and can also reduce the product weight and resin consumption.

The Additive Masterbatch are available with us in a wide range that encompasses UV Masterbatch, Optical Brightener Masterbatch, Antiblock Masterbatch, Antioxidant Masterbatch, Silicone Masterbatch, Slip Masterbatch, Polymer Processing Aid Masterbatch, Nucleating Masterbatch, and Antistatic Masterbatch. These Additive Masterbatch are high in quality and thus are used in diverse industrial applications. The Additive Masterbatch can be availed from us at the most competitive prices.


1 Optical Brightener (OB) Granules
2 UV-10 (Ultra-Violet) Masterbatch 10% UV
3 UV-20 (Ultra-Violet) Masterbatch 20% UV
4 PPA (Polymer Processing Aid)
5 Flame Retardant
6 Silky Powder Used for Opening of Films


  • Please ask for free samples.
  • Do contact us or write to us for any further details.
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