Green Masterbatches


1 Rama Green
2 SP. Rama Green
3 Reliance Green
4 Bright Green
5 Dark Bright Green
6 Dark Bright Green (S)
7 D Bright Green
8 SP. Bright Green
9 Tank Green
10 Pool Green
11 Parrot Green P
12 UT Parrot Green
13 PE Parrot Green
14 Net Agro Green
15 D.B. Green
16 K Green
17 Leaf Green
18 Olive Green
19 RT Green Transparent Masterbatch
20 RT Parrot Green Transparent Masterbatch


  • Please ask for free samples.
  • Apart from above shades, there are many tailor-made Green Masterbatch shades as well.
  • Do contact us or write to us for any further details.
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