Black Masterbatches

High-Quality Black Masterbatch Manufacturers and Supplies in India.

Bagrecha Polymers is one of the leading black masterbatch manufacturers in India. We offer a range of black masterbatches to provide deep and consistent colour and improve the beauty of your plastic products. As the top black masterbatch suppliers, we have clients from the plastic industry producing automotive, agricultural, electronics, packaging and other consumer goods. We have made huge investments to ensure the high quality of our products and customer service.

Being reliable black masterbatch suppliers, our products are known for high performance and reliable quality. The plastic industry is ever-evolving, and our calibre to produce innovative products that meet the specific requirements of our clients has enabled us to be the top player in the industry. If you are looking for reliable master batch manufacturers, you are in the right place. We are your one-stop solution for black masterbatches.

Black Masterbatch has various levels of carbon black content in its composition that makes it suitable for use as the black pigment in many plastic applications. Masterbatch is available in industry according to different requirements of the clients including UV protection, conductivity, jetness, etc in the end products. This type of masterbatch is mostly preferred due to its high surface area that further increases with the decrease in the particle size.

Best suitable for Moulding, Blow moulding, Rotational Moulding Pet, Ropes, Wovensacks, Non-woven, Multi-filament yarn, Blown film, Cast film, Box Straps, Bopp, Multi layer, Sheet extrusion, Cable coating etc.

All masterbatches are developed as per suitability of application.

Very good dispersion and low filter pressure value for Film and Yarn application.


  • Cost saving due to low addition level
  • Greater production flexibility
  • Excellent dispersion
  • Outstanding processibility


  • Films (down to 15-20 microns), garbage bags, cable sheathing compound pipes (non specific pipes, drainage pipes, conduits, drip irrigation etc.)
  • Woven sacks, HDPE/PP raffia tapes, LDPE/LLDPE/PP lamination, tarpaulins rotomoulded tanks and blow molding applications


1 A Plus Black 40% Carbon Loading. Filler Free material made out of Reprocess Material.
2 FSP Black 40% Carbon Loading. Filler Free material made out of Virgin Material.
3 Supreme Black
4 Utillity Black
5 2050 Black 50% Carbon Loading. Filler Free material made out of Virgin Material.
6 50 Black Semi 50% Carbon Loading. Filler Free material made out of Reprocess Material.


  • Please ask for free samples.
  • Apart from above shades, there are many tailor-made Black Masterbatch shades as well.
  • Do contact us or write to us for any further details.
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