Filler Masterbatches

Most Reliable Filler Masterbatch Manufacturers in Ahmedabad, India

We have been continuously innovating their product lines to keep up with the demands and needs of the ever-changing packaging industry. Bagrecha Polymers is offering an extensive range of Filler Masterbatch products that define quality and consistency. The filler material remains suspended in a polymer base and used to achieve cost savings without sacrificing performance or part integrity. Fillers also provide added strength and stiffness to the finished part. Featuring a wide selection of measurement options, they offer flexibility and control over colour accuracy, as well as resistance to UV light degradation and environmental stress repacking. This means that filler masterbatch manufacturers don’t only help improve end-product quality but help save costs as well.

We offering an extensive range of Filler Masterbatch. Additionally, this product is offered at nominal price.


  • CaCo3 Filler masterbatch for plastic
  • Cost benefit
  • Production increase
  • Quality benefits
  • Durability
  • Environment protection
  • Extensive application
  • Reasonable rates
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