Colour Masterbatches

We Proud Ourselves to Be Most Demanded Colour Master Batch Manufacturers in India

Bagrecha Polymers is one of the leading colour master batch manufacturers in India. We manufacture a wide range of high-quality colour master batches that impart light fastness, thermal stability and colour consistency to the plastic products. Our products are used by various industries such as automotive, packaging, consumer goods and construction. Our plastic colour masterbatch is a highly demanded product throughout plastic industries. It provides the perfect blend of colour and base resin to create more aesthetically pleasing and durable products. With a diverse range of high quality pigments, our colour master batch provides reliable high performance with excellent fastness properties, enabling outstanding results in any application. By using only the highest grade raw materials and adding anti-blocking additives, our customers experience superior tinting strength, vibrant colours, and resistance to changes in temperature and humidity, no matter the form or shape of the final product. We understand that getting just the right colour test can be difficult in plastic manufacturing projects, which is why we strive to provide the very best in colour master batches for all your needs.

Colour Masterbatch are the best to choose as it imparts light fastness, thermal stability and colour consistency to the plastic products. Composed of highgrade pigments, these masterbatches are available in approximately 600 shades of Colours

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