Water Tanks/ Roto Moulding

Rotational moulding, also known as Roto-moulding, is a plastics moulding technology which is ideal for making hollow articles. It is a casting technic but unlike most other plastics processes there is no pressure involved.

Water Tanks are manufactured by Rotational Moulding. Bagrecha Polymers provide quality Masterbatches for Water Tanks/Roto Moulding.

Masterbatches for Water Tanks/ Roto Moulding

Shade Code Remarks
Black SPM Black Made out of Reprocess Material. Contains 40% Carbon Loading
FSP Black Contains 40 % Carbon Loading
Blue Tone White Dark White BT For Inner layer of Water Tank
Blue Tone White Pepsi Blue For Inner layer of Water Tank
Violet Tone White Dark VT White For Inner layer of Water Tank
White A White, SPES White, SPL Himalayan White, Himalayan White V Different Code contains different TI02 Loading percentages.
Blue Deep Blue, Tank Blue
Green Utility Parrot Green, Tank Green
Red Blood Red
Orange Super Orange, NSP Orange
Golden Yellow NSP Golden Yellow, P Golden Yellow, B+ Golden Yellow
Lemon Yellow Special Lemon Yellow
Pink Super Pink, Bright Pink


  • Specific Shades/ Customized shades are also manufactured.
  • Above is just an illustrative list of shades.
  • Many other shades are also available.
  • Do contact us for further shades details.
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