HDPE Pipes & Fittings

HDPE Pipes are manufactured using High Density Polyethylene that ensures their flawless Performance and long functional life. These pipes are quite useful for carrying potable water, slurries, hazardous wastes, wastewater, cables, chemicals and compressed gases as well as oils. Moreover, these are highly demanded for landfill gas extraction and cable ducting.

Selecting the right masterbatch is critical to satisfying various technical requirements. For other pipe applications, such as irrigation or corrugated pipe, Bagrecha Polymers have a range of high-performing speciality masterbatches that can provide the necessary UV protection to prevent polymer degradation and extend the performance life of pipe.

Bagrecha Polymers provide quality Masterbatches for HDPE Pipes & Fittings.

Masterbatches for HDPE Pipes & Fittings

Shade Code Remarks
Black SPM Black Made out of Reprocess Material. Contains 40% Carbon Loading
FSP Black Contains 40 % Carbon Loading
Black 502 Contains 50 % Carbon Loading
Blue Dark Bright Blue, Blue Dark, Transparent Blue, Sky Blue
Green Dark Bright Green, Reliance Green
Golden Yellow NSP Golden Yellow, P Golden Yellow
Lemon Yellow Special Lemon Yellow
Grey Dark Grey, New Light Grey, T Grey


  • Specific Shades/ Customized shades are also manufactured.
  • Above is just an illustrative list of shades.
  • Many other shades are also available.
  • Do contact us for further shades details.
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