Optical Brighteners (OB) Masterbatches :

Optical Brighteners (OB) are chemicals (Derivatives of Bisbenzoxazole) which are used to remove yellowness and improve the whiteness of the Plastic products.

Optical Brighteners (OB) are additives which significantly help in improving the shinning of the Plastic Products.

Optical Brighteners works by absorbing the ultraviolet radiation and re-emitting the blue light thereby improving the brightness of the Plastic Products.

Optical Brighteners are extensively used in Plastics. OB and OB1 are widely used. In general, Optical Brighteners are also known as Tinopal / Brighteners.

Optical Brighteners can be used directly in Powder Form or in Granules Form (Optical Brighteners Masterbatches). Optical Brighteners in Powder Form are more effective than the Optical Brighteners in Granules Form as Optical Brighteners in Granules Form are the diluted version of Optical Brighteners in Powder Form.

However, some machines don’t support powder form of material. Also with powder form of OB material, there is problem of powder concentrating in some areas of Final product in case proper mixing is not done. Hence in such cases, Optical Brighteners in Granules Form (OB Masterbatches) should be used.

Optical Brighteners can be used in various applications such as Blow moulding, Roto Moulding, Injection moulding, Films, Woven Sack Bags, Reprocess materials and various other applications.

Bagrecha Polymers provides Optical Brightener (OB) Powder as well as Optical Brightener (OB) Masterbatches.

Bagrecha Polymers is in the business of manufacturing of Black, White, Colour, Additive and Filler Masterbatches since last 30 years.

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